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Monday, October 12, 2015


[Unsigned Hype] - Be on the Lookout for trap stars Mike G and Paulean as they make their way through the scene

Mike G and Paulean are two swagged out artists. Their style includes an array of sounds that are all unique which they give to the Hip-Hop community. In their rhymes, they depict surreal stories about what life has been like for them and their struggles along the way including selling drugs and living the street life to going to college after being released from the prison system.

Dubbing themselves "Trappers," they don't always stay so serious. They give comic relief to their rhymes that are just too funny to ignore. From club banger tracks like "Full Time Twerker" to hardcore stories that give a good picture without going into too much detail in tracks like "January 16th", not one of their songs sound alike, but every one has that full unique flavor listeners of the hip hop community crave. Its like these guys just came out of nowhere and started making hits. Their SoundCloud reveals how they came about:

"Really we just got tired of what we were hearing so we made our own music to bump for the love of music," and goes on to say "You smell me?" Well, we certainly agree, and it looks like their fans do as well. Keep your eyes peeled for these two individuals as they make their way through the scene.

"It's always been a dream of mine to be unsigned hype. I just never had a good opportunity to record. So one day I said f*@k it, bought a mic on Amazon and went to work. Now I'm doing what I love and no one can stop me."

Right now they are working on Come Up music and its expected to be their first mix-tape. Currently there is no release date. However you can check out some of the things they are working on by going to their SoundCloud:


That's the scoop. Until next time... Keep it hood and stay fresh!


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